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Collagen Bath Soap For Dry Sensitive Skin Overcome

Soap For Dry Sensitive SkinSoap For Dry Sensitive Skin For those of you who may have dry and sensitive skin shower with the wrong soap can make the skin more problematic. Selection of the proper soap with collagen content could be a way to resolve the issue.

Collagen is a protein found in the skin that has the ability to bind water so it is important to maintain the elasticity of the skin, says Dr. Oky E. Kartiwa a dermatologist when met at a press conference at the Birdcage Oilum, South Jakarta.

Tips Soap For Dry Sensitive Skin

One product that contains collagen soap is Oilum. Soap production Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories collagen soap that claims to be the first in Indonesia. Soap is suitable for young women who have been through adolescence (above 20 years) to make your skin healthy look and youthful.

This soap products contain collagen to maintain skin elasticity and moisture you could say this is the first collagen soap products in Indonesia, said Victor Setyawan, Group Brand Manager Oilum, during a press conference in Oilum Birdcage, Jakarta.

Benefits of collagen in these soap products will help you maintain the health and elasticity of the skin especially for those who are frequently outdoors activities with exposure to sun and pollution that will affect skin health. Oilum has conducted clinical trials with this product stick to the skin for 96 hours and the number of consumers proved no effect. So the Oilum stated this product is suitable for women who have dry skin and tend to be sensitive.

In launching this Oilum Similarly, the Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories presents new brand ambassador Oilum ie, Dona Agnesia, which also benefit from this product of soap for dry sensitive skin.

I’ve tried several products but mostly makes the skin dry and scaly. Including skin my skin is normal to dry and in a day can be used many times lotion. Having tried Oilum month new taste very different and quite disposable lotion, skin is moist, said Darius Sinathrya’s wife.

Oilum Soap consists of two series of products, namely, Moisturizing Soap Bar weighing 85 grams and Skin Brightening Scrub Body Wash 210 ml size. Not only can be used for body, soap bar Oilum also safe to use on your face but it is not recommended for those who have facial acne.

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