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Casual Style to Campus for Men

Immediately temperature Ichwan fashion, my body including the huge 172/75 & me now wants more attention to appearance, especially how to mix and match clothes according sikon.Casual Style to Campus for Men,Gaya ke Kampus untuk Pria

In my closet a lot of t-shirts and shirts, Slacks and jeans are also stacked with a lot of colors.

I wanted to ask, what kind of clothing should I use, especially for college events, because bored if only polo shirt and jeans, casual shoes. I included fan loafers; sometimes I also wear it with jeans and shirt boss, what is appropriate?

Lastly, I have brown jeans fit; I am confused what to wear superiors and what color. Most I know for sure mate shirt or a white shirt. Thank you very much for your answer. Good luck dude.

Hello Oddest high and great. Sorry, you did not inform your man or woman. With a tall posture and by that, I assume you’re a man. There are three questions from you: Alternative style for college, whether loafers perfect paired with jeans and a shirt, and brown jeans what alloy are you?

Well, the college should be more tidy appearance while still memorable casual, such as a linen shirt superficial white t-shirt and a pair of beige V collar, for example or a thin blazer as an outcome polo shirt and jeans tops.

Loafers can be paired with jeans and a blue shirt dark jeans origin and semi formal shirts striped or plain, included or not.

Brown jeans are actually quite flexible, lightweight sweater boss can be a white or beige, light blue shirt, polo shirts and even salmon color. Definitely cool if you’re getting just follow the tips from me….

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