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Caring for Sensitive Skin

Not only the human personality different types of human skin are also different from one another. Unfortunately, many of us tend to neglect this fact. So many of us who do not skin care as it should.

Many people do skin care with the assumption that each skin is the same. Supposedly for the different types different treatments are needed.

Especially if your skin including sensitive skin types which require special treatment compared to other skin types

In biological sensitive skin is skin that has a very thin outer layer. This causes the existing neural responsiveness of the skin to be higher than the skin in general. Sensitive skin easily reacts to small things, such as changes in temperature, chemicals, and other external influences.

Not only that, the sensitive skin is also more susceptible to damage from a variety of things. The skin is red and sore after using certain cosmetics, skin irritation and itching due to cold temperatures, these are the things you need to consider if you have sensitive skin. You can pay attention to other things below to maintain the health of your sensitive skin.

Avoid drying of the skin

Keep always your skin from dryness. Sensitive skin is prone to drought, when dry it will grow sensitive. Avoid drying of the skin by drinking lots of water, at least eight glasses per day.

You can also increase the consumption of fruits and foods that contain lots of fiber and water to correct skin imbalances. In addition, always keep the humidity was also wearing a light moisturizer

Avoid certain foods and drinks

Do not get used to consume or eat spicy foods such as chili peppers or pepper excess.

It would be nice also if you refrain from all kinds of alcoholic beverages, even though it was only beer. Instead of beer, for those of you who like coffee, you should eat less anyway.

Avoid direct contact with the skin to sunlight

Sensitive skin can become red and on fire when exposed to ultraviolet light. As much as possible not to be outside when the sun is hot.
Wear protective wear whatever you can to protect your skin, hats, umbrellas, glasses, and of course always protect your skin with sunscreen.

Avoid certain cosmetic products

To clean pores of dirt do not use grain scrub. Use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid because it is safer for sensitive skin.

Do not use any cosmetic products that contain alcohol, whether it’s cleaning or refreshment. Sensitive skin is very susceptible to the influence of alcohol.

Be careful about trying new products. Avoid cosmetics with artificial dyes and fragrances. Whenever possible wear products labeled for sensitive skin.