Caring for Colored Hair


To be different with other hair color than usual, there are specific treatments for hair color looks beautiful. Unfortunately, the dyed hair that looks at risk of unhealthy and dull. To make your hair healthy, there are tricks that you should do.

If you dyed your hair blond shades of yellow or bright colors, you should spray a cup of chamomile tea on hair that is clean and moist. Then let stand for 20 minutes. Then you wash and dry as usual.

If you are in cat hair cat is black or brown, pour one cup of pure solution of warm coffee lukewarm to the hair before you wet already. Allow the solution to the coffee infuse for 30 minutes, then wash and rinse your hair clean.

But if your hair is painted with shades of red pour a bit A ½ cup of juice and carrot onto damp hair already, then cover with a plastic shower cap and warm with a hair dryer for 5 minutes then wash and rinse your hair.

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