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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes And Fair Skin Girls

Blue eyes and fair skin who has should refrain from using any blue color in eye makeup. Gray can be used and all the colors shade of brown give a neutral look. If you used a blue shadow on Blue eyes and fair skin, the result will be not so good; it will result in clashing blue eye.

Blue Eyes And Fair Skin

Blue Eyes And Fair Skin

Pink color makes your eyes look sick and tired. Green eyes can be used if you have a little green in it. Blue eyes and fair skin did not really stand out except for a few tips to follow. Opting for a camel, lavender and other shades of brown and purple color for your eyes will appear bluer than it actually is.

makeup colors for fair skin and blue eyes

Applying a light color on the lid of the peach brown, The path of your eyes with light eye liner. Now apply a medium light eyebrow pencil on each eye lid near the eye. Complete with mascara. Use black, never brown. Apply two coats. Curl your lashes.

eyeshadow colours for blue eyes and pale skin

if you like then you add Dot some shimmer shadow in the corner of the eye to make eyes brighter. Put a little petroleum jelly under your brow bone to make eyes brighter.

makeup for fair skin blue eyes brown hair

Keep your eyebrows neat. This will help the eyes to good effect. Eyebrow color should be at least one or two shades light than your hairs.

makeup for blue eyes brown hair pale skin

So beautiful blue eyes to stand out even more, If you want your eyes sparkle, use eye shadow that contrasts with your eye color but it complements your skin tone.

eyeshadow for fair skin and blue eyes

Eye makeup can do wonders for a woman’s pretty face. One important thing that must be remain in your mind that blue eyes and fair skin are normally looking good. so no need to put any heavy make on it . Always try light makeup for your beautiful eyes. In blow some amazing light eyes ideas are shown in pictures which help you to chose a batter eye makeup for your eyes.

makeup for fair skin blue eyes dark hair

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