The Best Tips On Makeup For Round Face And Gill.


A good Makeup For Round Face will work wonders on those faces that require it since makeup is the best tool that we have to correct our profile, reduce areas very bulkily, expand the parts that we want to highlight, or lengthen some area of our face. In the end, with the makeup, we can mold our face to take advantage of all our virtues and hide what we do not like. In this post we teach you specifically how to make women with a round face and with a double chin, to look thinner and beautiful, with simple tricks that will facilitate the task. The first thing you’ll have to do before you begin Will determine the type of face you have through the observation of your facial features and profile. If you think that your face is round, then you will have here the best tips and tips to achieve a make-up for a circular face.


If you have a face with rounded features, or with rather fat cheeks, you will probably want to lengthen and sharpen your contours a bit, thus stylizing your image. The round face makeup will help you get a little stretch your features, just following some tricks that we bring you and you can easily apply with the right instruments. Follow our advice and beauty secrets to show a perfect face and full of life!


Before starting to apply makeup, it is always recommended to clean your face thoroughly with some cleansing cream and close the pores by sealing them with a facial tonic that goes with your skin type.


Start with the bases:

Start with the basesApply the bases of color more dark than your skin color 3 times , to the sides of your face, and in the areas that you most want to tune, including the base of the cheekbone from the temple to the middle of the cheek. If you have jowls or chub under your chin, you should also shade that area to hide its presence, extending the base to the neck to hide and not notice the difference in color between your face and the rest of the body . That is very important to take into account, since we do not want to seem something strange.

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The illuminator should be applied both under the eyes making a triangle between your nose and your temples, as in the center of the forehead, down the center of the nose until you reach the tip. Look at the image how to apply the make-up for round face and copy the steps.

The Blush or Blush:

In make-up for round faces , the blush should be applied just below the cheeks and not over them, that is, in the lower area where you grow when you smile. You can not put blush on the “manznitas” , but underneath them! With this you will make a visual cut of your face and you will fine tune your features.

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With respect to the color tones that best fit the round faces, we will tell you to prefer preferably brown, brown and copper, as they perfectly dissimulate the exeso of cheeks and give neutrality to your features.

Make-Up-For-Face-Round-2If you have very white skin , try with the same line, but with lighter tones so that the makeup tricks are not visible. Use them also as shadows for a better finish on your face.

round faces,Always try to have three base tones to play with the “molding” of your face, so you do not notice that you have makeup or your face is recharged.

Remember to diffuse the base very well with a sponge or a suitable brush.

The lips:

In Make-Up For Round Face, the lips play a very important role, since the idea is to draw attention to the lips and that the roundings of the face dissolve in the visual field. Therefore we recommend strong colors such as red, pink in different shades, preferably as fuchsia , and bright copper.

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