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Belly Bulge, Kate Middleton Reportedly Pregnant

Kate Middleton reportedly pregnant again, It arises because of her pregnancy, Prince William’s wife looks a little belly bulge.

In Touch Weekly magazine that first photo shows Kate – who allegedly pregnant and place it on the cover of the magazine. As reported by Showbizspy, the entertainment magazine claims to have some photos and Kate’s belly bulge.

“Initially we thought maybe it just like the clothes that fell when she walked but if you look closer, it’s definitely a belly bump (the person who is pregnant,” said the source, which saw her go into a jewelry store in London, on May 31, 2012.

The source also added that she was 31 years old face was showing signs of being pregnant. “Her cheeks are rosy. Her face is more rounded, also her ass.

Previously, the Duchess of Cambridge is also briefly reported pregnant. As quoted by ABC News, she has entered the age of the womb six weeks or 1.5 months. A royal source revealed the couples were preparing their child’s room in the house, while preaching the Star Magazine Kate collapsed while she and Prince William on holiday in Birkhall, Prince Charles homes and estates in Scotland. She touted pregnant with twins.

What about the news of her pregnancy this time? Is it true or just rumors like the news before?

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