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Beauty Tips to Make You Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day

Beauty tips to make you wake up looking beautiful every day. Wake up is a moment where we does not want to be seen by others. Not because of pride, as it often looks wrinkled face. Not to mention her disheveled hair eye bags and dull-looking appearance.

Beauty Tips to Make You Wake Up Looking Beautiful

Lying Face

Especially for the newlyweds they would still be Chaim or watch the image in front of the newly married husband and did not want him to see a messy appearance.

Beauty Tips to Make You Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day

1. Lying Face

As depicted in the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ the Sleeping Beauty lay telantang. Beauty tips that’s because the sleep position effect on skin condition. Dermatology experts could immediately see how you’re sleeping position just by looking at your face, because facial skin is often used as the foundation of her sleep will be more prone to wrinkles.

Beauty Tips

It’s not easy doing it this way because we can not control the position during sleep. You have to practice and get used to sleeping on your back. How can lay down on the right and left parts of your body so there is no room to move around to change sleeping positions. Then your brain will be trained to sleep in a fixed position and neat.

2. Sleeping with Happy Feelings

You definitely do not want to sleep in anger upset or sad because it’s all going to have an impact on quality of sleep dissatisfaction. When you are fast asleep the subconscious will stimulate memories and feelings that passed last bedtime. If this is something negative happens automatically when we’ll fall asleep facial muscles tense and sullen. So did the opposite.

Sleeping with Happy Feelings

So try to double the positive feeling and aura before bed, so you sleep better and happier. Sleeping with people you love can have a positive impact for example by a spouse, child, parent, friend or pet with a doll.

3. Sleep With the Face Value

Sleep With the Face Value

Never went to bed before you clean your face. This activity is very good after a day of activities you do outside. Make-up, dust, dirt all stuck to the surface of the face and will be lodged into pimples if not washed away. Also do not forget to use a night cream or serum. The content of effective face cream works while you sleep. So the next morning, her face still fresh.

4. Hair Comb Before Sleep

Hair Comb Before Sleep

An other beauty tips Do not want to be tangled hair after getting out of bed? Comb your hair before you sleep. In addition to avoiding tangled hair the next day the hair growth is also perfect when you comb your hair before bed.

5. Using Body lotion

Using Body lotion

When the you using the air conditioner then skin can become dry. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use body moisturizer or body lotion before bed. The next day you stay confident with the skin moist and fresh

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