Beautiful Nails and Patriotic


London Olympics apparently leaves a unique story of its own. Sports and beauty world by naked eye did not correlate, now connected by tiny nails the supporters of women who present to witness their hero competing countries.

How not when a number of people choose to bring a flag wearing a T-shirt or other attributes to support the country team, the women decorate their nails with pictures of flags or bright colors that represent their respective countries.

Not just the supporters female athletes who are competing too looks painted their fingernails with pictures of national flags.

Being patriotic is it can be channeled through nail art trend. Well, this could be interesting inspiration for you who want to support athletes in the country while competing to defend his beloved country.

Brush red and white on your beautiful nails, wear attributes of nationality, and be prepared to look good, even in the sports arena! There is no harm in it!
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