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How to natural makeup tips can make a woman look more confident. Moreover, when the makeup looks natural, fresh and charming, Face is a perfect plain canvas.

When you’ve polished makeup will bring up an interesting dimension. Unfortunately, many women do not know how make-up air although they understand that they make up able to change her appearance.

How To Natural Makeup Tips

Here this is for tips and how natural make-up air:


Shape eyebrows in accordance with the impression that the character’s face to appear such as:

  • Natural hairy thick eyebrows give the impression that the characters are free but sensual.
  • Thick eyebrows arched upwards giving the impression the characters are loud and powerful.
  • Small eyebrows and long elegant character suggests.

Here Are Tips On How to Shape Eyebrows That Look Natural:

  • To get the starting point of a long eyebrows, draw parallel lines between the outermost tip of the nostrils and the tip of the inner eye.
  • To earn the highest point of the arch eyebrows, draw parallel lines between the outermost tip of the nose and the tip of outer lobe pupils.
  • To get the end point of a long eyebrows, draw a line parallel to the outer tip of the nostrils and the tip of the outer.
  • After getting the proper form, fill in the blank-space eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil in brown. Do not forget to always keep sharp eyebrow pencil so that the results look natural her scratches.
  • For thin eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil in dark brown color.
  • For thick eyebrows, apply brown eye shadow with a brush brow length.
  • When finished, brush the eyebrows that seem natural.
  • After that, use a little eyelash glue or transparent color mascara that stays soft eyebrow hair regularly.


Eyeliner help define the eye shape and make the eyes look bigger and attractive. Make sure that we use sharp eyeliner (pencil eyeliner if shaped) or brush with bristles nice and flat (when using liquid eyeliner)

How to use eyeliner is to draw the eye skin with one finger and fingertips apply eyeliner with the other hand. Begin applying eyeliner from inside the eye to the outer edge

Tips that we use eyeliner look Natural:

  • The line at the outer end of the eye will “lift” the eye drops.
  • Lengthen lines at the outer end of the eyeliner will give a dramatic impression.
  • Add a thin line close to the lashes that will detail the impression of bright and natural.


Long lashes will give the impression of a perfect eye. Many ways can be done to curl eyelashes. Today’s technology solutions are instant induction eyelashes using electric tongs


Foundation is the most important part makeup air. Foundation is the basis that determines whether a person will make up better or worse. Errors in choosing foundation will make an appearance to no natural.
In order to use foundation looks natural, mix some foundation color so you get the color that suits your skin.


Concealer is a miracle product that gives beauty to the face, her outward appearance able to eliminate dark circles under the eyes so that faces appear brighter. To look natural, choose a concealer with a yellow tone towards or one level lighter than the foundation color. Use the white powder to the skin completely white or yellow powder with elements for light skin, medium, or dark.


Various colors and types of lipstick can be used with notes adapted to the character and shape of our lips. Before using lipstick, we are advised to correct the shape of the lips by using a lip pencil. Lip pencil can be applied to make lip to appear balanced. This is a common trick in makeup. To avoid is making a line or put too much color from the natural lip line because it will create the impression of unnatural.


Powder makeup serves to preserve and prevent a greasy face. Powder will absorb the oil and constructing the face to appear smooth and natural and prevent a rupture to form a line of concealer or fade. To yield more natural color selection should be tailored to the foundation powder is used. When using skin color foundation, choose a color powder similar in color. However, if a foundation shade darker than skin color then choose a powder that one level lighter than the color of skin.

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Before becoming a famous actress, Sarah Jessica Parker is a ballet dancer at the American Ballet and while attending a gala New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center, the star of fun and the City it appears attractive.Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker Beautiful with Wedding Flowers Dresses

The 47-year-old actress wore a long dress sweeping the floor gray. The long dress decorated with embroidered blue and purple flowers. She perfected her appearance by wearing a gold belt, bag purple sequins and gold high heels with black ribbon detail.Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker Beautiful with Wedding Flowers Dresses

Wife Godzilla actor, Matthew Broderick is her hair like a ballerina style. She also pinned a purple flower in her hair (with matching shoes) and a large gold necklace with large rose detail on her neck.Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker Beautiful with Wedding Flowers Dresses

Besides Sarah, everyone’s eyes are also fixed on the beautiful Anne Hathaway. The cat woman look beautiful and stunningly well in lightweight long dress patterned flowers.

Actress yahun 29 is deceptively simple with just a pair of simple diamond studs in her ears and carrying a bag of gold studded clutch gorgeous, as reported by the Daily Mail.

So far so loved the world fashion shoes with high heels, the higher the better even. However, recent trends say that pump shoes with shorter heels now preferred.Celebrity Trends Now Choose Shoes With Short Heels

Pump shoes with short heels usually called ‘petite pump’. Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe, Chanel and Jimmy Choo are some famous fashion house that offers pump shoe with the right size of 1 inch or 2.45 cm. Interestingly, this shoe comes with golden heels.

‘Petite pump’ from much fashion worn by fans while attending the London Fashion Week is ongoing. Shoes gives inspiration style of dress in the era of the 60’s was polite, sweet but still chic.

Not only dominated the fashion scene and how fashionista course, the celebrity world, too ‘petite pump’ this. Stars ‘500 Days of summer ‘Zooey Deschanel was seen wearing shoes Jimmy Choo heels low output.

Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung also wore shoes size 2.45 cm. Kate combine it with black overalls and sunglasses cut the balloon. While the presenter and fashion icon, Alexa Chung her blends style casual clothes like long cardigans, sweatshirts and pants Hotpants.

Shoes ‘petite pump’ perfect for those who do not want to look too casual. Especially for shoes ‘petite pump’ with the right gold, Some brands are releasing ‘petite pump’ is a Jimmy Choo pump Walde is priced at Rp 5.3 million, Kurt Geiger Solare 8 pump for Rp 1.6 million and Zara Studded Heel Ballerina worth Rp 460 thousand.

Cultural richness of Indonesia always stole the hearts of the connoisseurs of art and fashion throughout the world. Australia one of them our neighboring countries often hold cultural events are mutually enrich each other nation.Wow There Competition Encim Batik Design in Australia

Coinciding with the Festival of Indonesia that took place in Melbourne Australia on 17 to 23 September 2012, they held a fashion design competition with the theme of Batik Encim. Batik Encim chosen not only because it is popular in Indonesia but also contains the historical value of Chinese culture symbolizes assimilation process into the daily life of the people of Indonesia are reflected by batik motifs with a strong Chinese cultural nuances.

The contestants are required to interpret the philosophy as much as possible of Indonesian culture into their works were judged by four judges that Mrs. Irma Wisnandar the board of the Association of Ratna Clothing; Bryan Collie, Director mifa; Jenny Layton founder of Ark Clothing and Barli Asmara, young designers Indonesia.

Seven models was strolling the catwalk Melbourne Institute of Fine Arts (Mifa), Melbourne. They demonstrate the work of seven young Australian designers who follow the competition. Fashion design competition which is the opening event Festival Indonesia is expected to color the fashion industry in particular Australia and Australian culture generally known for its spirit Multiculturalism.

After the competition elected Hadinata P. Tjoa as the winner.He poured Batik Encim into the design of clothing inspired by the struggle of the peoples of Indonesia and RA Kartini. As the winner, eligible Hadinata show of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 and exhibited his work to audiences Jakarta mode.

Buyers are very important in a fashion week event. Therefore, the Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) will invite buyers from local and foreign tourists.

Istanbul Fashion Week Act 2013 Serious Buyers

Istanbul Fashion Week 2013 event held back. Took place at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, for the second time the event was held on 14 to 17 February.

Unlike last year that did not invite buyers Istanbul Fashion Week is ready to receive them.

Last year approximately 15-20 participants have started to focus on exports. Istanbul Fashion Week 2013 we have prepared 25 exhibitors to export. Effort is done in the interest of buyers, said Ali Charisma, President Istanbul Fashion Week 2013 exclusively at room Garuda office of the Ministry of Industry, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/09/2012).

Ali explains buyers from abroad who visit Istanbul Fashion Week 2012 among others, American (two), Japan (four), Singapore (five-10), and Australia (two).

The hope would accrue to foreign buyers the targeted 25 percent. Meanwhile for local buyers at Istanbul Fashion Week 2012 as many as 700 people so for the next administration could increase, he said.

According to Balinese designer local buyers are still happy with the Muslim fashion products.

Buyers are so important in the arena of Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW). Thus, the formulation of a new concept was rolled out to make Indonesia as one of the fashion capital of the world in 2025.Three New Zones Presented At Istanbul Fashion Week 2013

Istanbul Fashion Week will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan Jakarta, 14-17 February. A total of 500 exhibitors will enliven the event for the second time.

For Istanbul Fashion Week there will be a new zone the Green Point, Point Concept and Starting Point. Zone is to facilitate buyers to look for the appropriate product, said Ali Charisma, President Istanbul Fashion Week exclusively at Space Garuda, the Ministry of Industry, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Tuesday (09/18/2013).

Ali explained that the zone Starting Point to give space to young designers to sell the concept to the industry while Point Concept for designers who are ready to enter international trade.

The Green Point is a zone for those who focus on environmentally friendly products. Because the world is presented as well as the prevailing trend.

Mary Katrantzou is a designer who is known as the ‘queen of print’ because almost all of the collection comes wrapped in fun motifs. Like anything new collection is on display in the event Katrantzou London Fashion Week 2012?

1. Motif Stamps Latest Collection

After taking culture inspiration from China this time using the motif Katrantzou stamps in the collection Spring / Summer 2013. Stamp motif present in multiple palettes ranging from bright colors to soft.

2. Childhood Latest CollectionChildhood Latest Collection

Why is choosing a Greek designer stamps? The reason is because she remembered the habit in childhood where the stamp is one of the most widely collected objects by children.

3. Color Contrast Latest Collection

The demonstration begins with the canal and berpalet contrast settings. For example, such as sky blue, white, black and a bit of bright green color.

4. More Soft Palette Latest Collection

After striking colors a woman born in 1983 it also offers a range of clothing in a soft palette choices. For example, the combined silver color coral, blue and dusty pink.

5. Techniques Mirror Latest Collection

Selection of pictorial stamps Katrantzou print looks so appealing. This is because it uses mirroring techniques, placing the same image with the opposite position.

6. Geometric Motif Latest CollectionGeometric Motif Latest Collection

Katrantzou is also known for its ability to integrate a variety of motives but remain proportional. This time she had a stamp with a pattern matching images geometric no less exciting.

7. Midi Canal Latest CollectionMidi Canal Latest Collection

For a series of fashion designers recently awarded ‘• The Luxury Briefing Awards Emerging Luxury Leader’ that many offer canal that intersected at the knee. Well with the A-line, straight, or pencil.

8. Hand Width Latest CollectionHand Width Latest Collection

Not only unique in terms of color and print. Katrantzou also offers a boxy silhouette that is now a trend one that lies in the width of the hand piece.

9. Bergelepai Latest CollectionBergelepai Latest Collection

Katrantzou maxi canal also presented with a thick atmosphere of summer.
It uses lightweight materials to give effect to the canal maxi gelepai work.

10. Mary KatrantzouMary Katrantzou

She is a designer who was born in Athens but living in London. Since graduating in 2008, she began to get the award thanks to his work. Some of them Swiss Textile Award in 2010, the British Fashion Council Awards and Emerging Talent in 2011 ELLE Style Awards Young Designer.

Star of the series ‘Glee’ Lea Michele as a model for L’Oreal Paris ad. The 26-year-old actress will join other big names are also a brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Eva Longoria.Lea Michele Newest Brand Ambassador of L'Oreal Paris

For actress Rachel Berry so brand ambassador of L’Oreal cosmetics company for a dream come true. Lea himself admitted was a fan of L’Oreal products since long.

I’m a fan of L’Oreal Paris not only because its products are nice but what they profess. I am very grateful to be part of a television show that promotes inner beauty and self-esteem own.Now become part of the family (L’Oreal ) that promotes the same message is an honor, Lea said, as quoted by People.

Meanwhile, the president of L’Oreal Paris USA Karen T. Fondu reveals reason for choosing Lea as the latest brand ambassador. Women who are beautiful on the outside as well inside. Lea truly represent our brand philosophy ‘Because You’re Worth It
Lea campaign ads as ambassador of L’Oreal Paris will appear in print and television media in early 2013.

New look with a rich variety soles to Christian Louboutin red-soled stilettos with; the women are surrounded by fabulous footwear but thanks to a new exhibition, the history of footwear from around the world and revealed the funny times.Unique Shoes Collection at Northampton Museums & Art Gallery

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in England put a collection of shoes and boots to be exhibited as part of the Global Footprint, heritage program of life and visual arts designed to raise awareness and show industrial shoes and boots Northampton shire.Unique Shoes Collection at Northampton Museums & Art Gallery-

Of shoes made of hair is made up stilettos for men in the museum’s collection of shoes featuring colorful graphics footwear history.

Here is a collection of shoes that eased the situation at Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, as reported by the Daily Mail.

  • Cloud and Rainbow Shoes, Blue shoe design with clouds and rainbows draft Thea Cadabra in 1984 sebgai illustrates that many women dream about shoes. According to Thea shoes are only suitable for dreams and fairy tales.
  • A pair of platform shoes with a synthetic striped orange and pink as well as 11-inch heel made in the 1980’s. This shoe proves that the 1980 was a great decade hair, big shoulders and bigger heel.
  • Shoes gold barrette designed by Charles Hind in 1889. This proves that the soles of shoes heel height 5 inches have been valued by generations of his day.
  • Black shoes with ankle straps and a statue of a woman in front of him which was designed in 1978. Half shoe, half work of art – this shoe proves that BDSM has existed at the time.
  • Silver platform shoes design John Flueveg in 1971.
  • Shoes husks made by Native Americans in 1980. These shoes are only worn by the dead as funeral shoes.
  • Pictorial platform boots British flag, Union Jack sparkling. Union Jack Glitter Platform Boot was designed by Shellyssekita 1997.
  • Shoes dragon made by Thea Cadabra (1979 & 1996) for The Crafts Council Event Shoe Show in 1979.
  • Black stiletto heels size 11 seven inici and designed for men, made in 1973-1977.
  • Clogs for showers from Turkey, was made in 1900.
  • Shoes like poms from Pakistan which is made of wool with the back of an increasingly narrow.

During many years the fashion world has fallen in love with high heels. In fact there is an anecdote, the higher the better.One-inch Era Heels Big News At Fashion Week

No matter how painful impractical or ridiculous heels of five, six and even seven inches, the women still use them.

However it seems to be changing. Because this season shoes are a trend is entitled to one or two inches tall.

Forget painful stiletto heels, because one-inch heels became big news in the fashion week performance as reported by Dailymail.

Dubbed petite pump shoes featured in the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe, and Chanel. This shoe is also an option for fashionistas at London Fashion Week. Shoes with thick soles and heels of this great center of the attention in the world of fashion.

With elegance as the key this shoe quickly became a star for women of all ages. Some well-known artists such as Zooey Deschanel and Kate Bosworth have ever worn one inch size. While the model Alexa Chung wearing shoes Yves Saint Laurent design Ingenues and Lana Del Rey avoid stilettos and choose Lindy Carvela shoes work the red carpet.

We do not want to use the instruments of torture again. Shoe is perfect to make you a little taller these shoes smart and structured and you can wear them all day, said fashion expert Brix Smith-Start.

The good news is these shoes are not just a trend on the catwalk but also trends in the design of famous designers such as LK Bennett Pretty Ballerinas, Kurt Geiger, Gianvito Rossi, Christian Louboutin, Sam Edelman and Diane Von Furstenberg.