Applications Make-Up Tricks For Dark-Skinned woman


Not a few women who feel inferior because of her dark skin making it difficult to use makeup. For those of you who experienced it there are some tricks to wearing makeup still look confident.

Want to know how? Consider the following five tips ranging from foundation to the application of makeup on your eyes are launched from eHow.

1. Consider Cosmetics Containing Oil

If your skin is dark use a matte foundation since it contains no oil so it does not make your face ‘shiny’. Choose a matching foundation to skin color not much brighter because it can cause uneven skin tone. End with the use of powder so that the skin does not look dull.

2. Add a little water When Applying Foundation

For dark skin try adding a little water when you want to apply the foundation in order to absorb into the skin. Apply foundation or foundation so that the face is smooth and seamless.

3. Choose Color for Dark Lips

For those of you, who have a brownish skin choose a color that shades of cinnamon dusty pink, or dark peach. If your skin is darker the color of Rosy pink, burgundy, plum, or bronze can be an alternative option.

4. Select Color Dark to Nose Looks sharp

If you want to look perfect when attending an event you can make the nose look ‘sexy’ than usual. Create camouflage with dark cream to make it look ‘menirus’. Greed brightly colored eye shadow on the top of the nose.

5. Apply Eye Makeup Colors In line

To accent the eyes choose red wine, plum, copper, and dark brown. If you go during the daytime, use eyeliner gray or brown. However, wear dark colors when attending the evening event. Add the gold color on the outside corner of the eyebrow or the inside of the eye. Remember, dark-skinned women are less suited to use makeup colors.


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