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Again Rihanna Streets Without Bra!

Shown with controversial fashion is not new to the singer of this song You Da One. This time, she was again brave to appear in public without wearing a bra.

As reported by the Dailymail, 24 years old singer seemed to walk on the streets of Soho, New York some time ago. At that time she appeared wearing a black shirt that combined with the dreamy blue faded jeans.

With a dreamy shirt, Rihanna chose to take off her bra! At that time, her breasts covered only with a pocket sewn on the front of the shirt.

Worse, Rihanna’s outfit appeared with news of a fight when Chris Brown and Drake discussed emerging. As reported previously, 24 years old singer is touted as a source of contention is the second rapper.

Although Rihanna was praying for the two ex-boyfriends was okay but many people who argue that the appearance Rihanna is to divert the issue. Do you agree?