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Again Megan Fox Rumored Pregnancy

Happy news comes from actress Megan Fox and her husband, actor Brian Austin Green. Couples who married in 2010 they told the center for the birth of their first child.

A source reveals pregnancy news star movies ‘Transformers’ on E! News. News about Megan who is actually a body double akhik has spread since last March.

Star magazine was first down the report. A source told the Star, Megan and Brian are looking forward to the birth of their first child.

In fact, for Brian, Megan unborn fetus in the midst of this will be her second child. From the previous love affair with Vanessa Marcil, Beverly Hills 90210 star has favored a son, Kassius Lijah.

Once married to Brian, Megan automatically become stepmother Kassius. Of course on the stage 25 years to become a good stepmother.

“Megan has become a remarkable stepmother and Brian knows she will be good mothers to their children,” the source said.

Previously in September 2011, Megan was saying when she and Brian did have momongan towing. Hot women that want to have kids when the time is already correct. It chose to defer until the financially ready momongan.

What that means is now in financial matters Megan is ready? Spokeswoman Megan and Brian have not provided confirmation of the pregnancy news. The spokesman also did not remove her objection.

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