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September 1, 1989, Jakarta

Name Jelita Septriasa or commonly known as Acha Septriasa skyrocketed when starring HEART. Graduated this 2004 cover girl plunged into the world of acting through the film WHAT LOVE appearing as supporting players Sandy Aulia.

But at that time the name Acha little known until bids come from the production house Servia to be one of the main characters with Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah.

Outside of her acting career, music career and the couple’s daughter Rita Emza Ahimsha Sagitta is even more sparkling. By bringing the movie soundtrack HEART sung with her lover at the time, Irwansyah, who is also her co-star in the HEART, make publicly known the name Acha more.

Not only in Indonesia, the name of the girl was born 1 September 1989 is also popular in Malaysia. Even the songs that brought duet with Irwansyah like Closer, My Heart and Lovers Women, occupying the top list of radio in the country.

February 2008, Acha left Indonesia to study in Malaysia. It is then forced to Irwansyah rarely met with; in addition to rest of the world is Entertainment.

In the end the relationship and Irwansyah Acha previously always ended too intimate. Distance excuses this pair breakup that occurred in July 2008.

Acha name became stuck at the end of 2008, for allegedly being behind the turmoil third person households Pasha and Okie. Despite having done a press conference related to this issue, but did not dispute the Pasha had given a special birthday gift to Acha, even now granting Pasha Watch was kept by Acha.

Acha back into the media spotlight in early April 2009, The photos looked like him, looking sexy and a little bit sexy circulated widely on the internet. However it turns out, the photo was a picture of his brother who looked like him, Juwita Marsha, who is a new artist.

Lecture Acha lived in Malaysia turned out to be halted for a moment. This is because, Acha solo album and is finalizing a contract on one story, Therefore, despite opposition from her parents, Acha daring break from college for the sake of existence in the world of entertainment homeland.

Apart from Irwansyah, Acha is now in a relationship with a man who is not of the celebrity. However, Acha did not want to reveal the identity of his girlfriend who was studying at London.

Mid-August 2009, the star of IN THE NAME OF LOVE is off her latest solo album. The album was titled DECISION BE a mini album, which only contains four songs, I wish What Else, About Us, Decision Heart, and you’re my fault molester. Not just release a new album; in 2009 she was playing in a comedy KRAZY CRAZY KREZY.

Not only the acting and the singing, Acha expanded into the world of the presenter. She lined a GREAT presenter Luna Maya replace on leave.

Starting 2010, Acha opened with the release of her latest film, SSSSTT … MAKE ME SAVINGS. Here she lined up so the main character, accompanied by Julia Perez and Ayu Azhari.

April 2010, Acha back making achievements. After going through the casting, this beautiful artist managed to get a chance to appear in a new movie Hanung Bramantyo, THROUGH THE DREAM. Acha will be paired with Fedi Nuril, handsome actor starring in the hit movie Hanung Fahri earlier, PASSAGES LOVE. Acha dedicate this new role for the silver wedding anniversary of her parents.

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