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8 Tips Investing in Gold

Gold is one of the many forms of investment demand. That’s because, precious metals are not affected by inflation. If you choose to invest, buy gold in the form of bullion or coins.

But to simply collect and keep a watch on when the tough financial circumstances, can choose which form of jewelry. Excerpted from various sources, here are some tips to invest in gold.

1. What is your goal to Buy Gold?

Before you buy gold, set your goals first, if you want to invest, choose gold bullion or coins, because of its intrinsic value is relatively large. As for the jewelry as well as savings, it can choose the gold that has high levels. For gold jewelry, relatively higher resale value if the sheen is still very well preserved.

2. Current Gold Price Checks

The price of gold is different every day, so you must check it on the market. Open sites are specialized for this case as logammulia.com, or price-emas.com pegadaian.co.id. On this site you can see first hand the prices of gold according to its kind. PT. Antam even announced the price of gold twice a day. Gold prices are announced by PT. Antam’s gold prices are a national benchmark.

3. Where to Buy Gold

Buy gold at the store that has a clear reputation. It is useful to provide a sense of security and good quality. Note also the resale price in the store, not to resale prices fall dramatically. Avoid buying gold at a price the same as stated in the letter. For recommendations that are guaranteed and certified, choose PT. Antam or Pawnshop.

4. Physical state checks Gold

In selecting the gold, especially those who look immaculate green in the pores. The sign of gold has not been washed properly and still leave residual chemicals that can cause allergies. If you choose to buy gold in the form of jewelry, check if there are scratches well, basin or other defects. Because when you want to sell it again, this will affect the price.

5. Tanya Gold purity levels

By price-emas.com, the international standard gold purity levels are as follows: 24 karat gold is pure gold (99.99%), 22 karat gold has a composition of 91.7% and 8.3% mixed with other ingredients (usually silver), 20 carat gold has composition 83.3% gold, 18 carat gold has 75% gold, 16 karat gold has a composition of 66.6%, 14 carat has a composition of 58.5% gold, 9 carat gold has a composition of 37.5%.

6. Keep the Good of All Forms of Letters

After purchase, you will get some letters such as invoices, purchase of gold certificates to the memorandum. Keep all letters obtained by the good, since it takes time to be resold. If your documents are lost, you can fall in gold prices. Store in a plastic along with gold and then sealed.

7. Saving the True Gold

Having gold is tantamount to store valuables or saving. If the gold is stored in the house is not too much, use a box or personal safe. If gold is quite a lot (1kg bars to the top), then it needs to be kept in a bank deposit box. The cost is not too expensive, and varies from one bank to another.

8. As Gold Guarantee

Bring to a pawnshop and gold can be redeemed once you have the money. In this case the gold is better pawned, not sold, because if you buy a new gold with the same size and grade, not necessarily the price sama.8.

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