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75% Women Have a Dream Diamond Ring

Interested or not you have a diamond? According to a survey conducted Etcfashionblog shows, 75% of women in the world wanted to have a diamond rings.

There are 75% of women who are interested to have a diamond. While 25% of respondents, was not interested at all to have the luxury of stone.

Those who are interested in having diamonds provide a number of reasons. “ooo …. But can certainly be used for investment, will be a certain satisfaction if we have it, wrote one respondent.

interested, a good quality diamond to be timeless as the classic model of jewelry in all situations, but I am not interested to make diamonds as an investment because its value is only based on their likes and dislikes, I prefer to investment gold,” wrote one of the other respondents.

Most respondents are not interested in having a diamond say that they prefer gold instead of diamonds. Several other respondents are not interested also said that diamond prices will easily fall.

More interested in precious metals, diamonds if the price is,” said one respondent.

Not interested. More interested in saving for gold bullion,” said another respondent who is not interested in owning a diamond.

While that is interested in having a diamond, as much as 60% of respondents want to have a diamond ring. 33% of respondents prefer a necklace.

“Necklaces, if worn must be sweet,” said one respondent. Only 3.9% of respondents who chose to have a diamond bracelet and 1.9% wanted a diamond earring.

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