7 Tips for Maintaining Weight Gain After Marriage


Weight gain after marriage not a few women whose body fat after marriage. Many factors can affect weight gain in women who are married. To maintain the ideal body to stay, check out the following tips that will help you maintain your weight after marriage, as quoted from All Women Stalk.

7 Tips for Maintaining Weight Gain After Marriage
7 Tips for Maintaining Weight Gain After Marriage

1. Sports With Husband

In addition to the more intimate, exercising with her husband to control your weight. Generally, many newlyweds gain weight after marriage. To fix this, start the exercise together regularly. Continue to monitor your progress to know the benefits of exercise together.

2. Keep Staying Healthy Food Intake

Do not eat much junk food or high fat foods just because of momentary lust. Eat foods that are healthy for your body get the vitamins and minerals it needs so it can function properly. Also, make sure you eat enough servings and watch your intake of nutrients needed by the body.

3. Activity remained

Perhaps you are a woman who can not work after marriage by the husband. However, that does not mean you actually lounging at home. It can trigger weight gain. Try to keep the body active, or busied themselves with various activities such as sports, running a hobby, or take a walk that can reshape your body. The more activity, the less likely the weight will go up.

4. Stay away from Bad Habits

After getting married, try living healthier. Do not let bad habits you create a body stuck in the deposition of fat. When off, keep doing activities. Both partners should be looking for activities, such as managing the home together, go to the gym, and other activities that make your body move much.

5. Cook at Home

In addition to pleasing my husband, cook your own meals will keep you from unhealthy food. You can plan a diet rich in protein and vitamins for your fitness and your partner. Therefore, the cooking is enough activity helps control weight.

6. Note the appearance

Before getting married, you really keep up appearances, especially in front of the couple. But once married, you are more indifferent to the display daily, so do not realize that a growing body of ‘dilated’. For that, look at your appearance in order to keep weight under control.

7. Keep Health

Stress and fatigue can cause weight gain. Life after marriage is more severe than when I was single. Therefore, you must take care to implement a healthy lifestyle with your partner. If necessary, come to the doctor regularly for health checks.