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7 Tips Caring & Wash Kaftan Made Sifon

Kaftan or Muslim dress with chiffon is still a favorite of women for Eid because the material is lightweight. But only a little smudge will be very visible and difficult to remove.7 Tips Caring & Wash Kaftan Made Sifon

Here are some tips to remove stains on chiffon dresses without having to go to the laundry.

1. Know Sifon type. Chiffon material consists of several types, ranging from silk chiffon, polyester, and rayon crepe. Chiffon silk material is the most delicate and light. Material is similar to polyester, silk chiffon just more easily damaged if not washed by hand.

For rayon crepe materials, or often called the ‘artificial silk’, the material is too soft, but not stable due to any-one can actually make materials shrink when washed. Knowing the differences in materials, will help you select the water temperature and proper care.

2. Pay careful attention to washing instructions found on the label you chiffon dress, Usually the label that described how washing and drying clothes being worn out and torn.

3. For detail sequin kaftan, avoid washing with a washing machine. The best way is to wash your hands or clothes manually. It will make a nondestructive sequins and change shape.

4. During the holidays, you will be preparing food for the guests who come. Not infrequently, kaftans are filled with food stains splattered result, The solution, sprinkle powder over the area to prevent oil imprint on clothing material.

5. If exposed chiffon kaftan made from chewing gum, ice cubes or immediately find candles to make chewing gum becomes stiff and easily removable. Simply rub ice on the affected gum and wait until hardened. Then begin to remove chewing slowly.

6. For hard to remove stains such as blood or sweat, use a special liquid detergent for clothes made smooth. Soak in water at normal temperature for approximately 30 minutes then rinse.

7. If the stain is not gone, mix one or two drops of detergent to the amount of hydrogen peroxide, wipe the stained area. Then soak in cold water for 30 minutes and rinse.

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