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7 Celebrities Who Have Sexiest Lips

Sexiest Lips Not just clever acting or singing, celebrities are also awarded a beautiful face. They also have the assets to be proud of. One of the most interesting parts of the body of seven celebrity beauty is both having hot lips. Top 10 celebrities with the hottest lips title.

Top  Celebrities Sexiest Lips For Lips Beauty

1. Angelina Joli Sexiest Lips

Angelina Joli Sexiest Lips

Stars ‘Salt’ is known to have a full lips and sexy shape. Jolie looked very confident with the lips shape. To highlight the sexiness of her lips often fiance Brad Pitt’s use of red lipstick

2. Megan Fox Sexiest Lips

Megan Fox Sexiest Lips

The actress who starred in the movie ‘Transformers’ also has a lip that is not less sexiness of Angelina Jolie. But the unpleasant rumors circulating that Megan lip obtained from plastic surgery

3. Rihanna Sexiest Lips

Rihanna Sexiest Lips

Brown skin and sexy lips make Rihanna look so exotic. Do not want to overdo it, the singer of ‘We Found Love’ is often only natural to apply lipstick and lip gloss extra, which makes the lips look shiny and full.

4. Amanda Seyfried Sexiest Lips

Amanda Seyfried Sexiest Lips

Stars ‘Letter To Juliet’ is also known for her sexy lips. Lower lip is thick and filled the main attraction.

5. Jennifer Lopez Sexiest Lips

Jennifer Lopez Sexiest Lips

Not only has a beautiful butt, J.Lo, so greeting, also has full lips and thick. Lip gloss a ‘weapon’ to make the lips of the judges ‘American Idol’ it looks fuller and lustrous.

6. Kim Kardashian Sexiest Lips

Kim Kardashian Sexiest Lips

Nude lipstick glistening characterizes Kim Kardashian. Effect of lipstick colors that make Kanye West’s lover’s lips look more sssssexy.

7. Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Lips

Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Lips

Predicate section is attached to Scarlett Johansson. Star of ‘The Nanny Diaries’ is not just having a hot body, but also awarded the lips are thick and full.

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