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6 Tricks Eliminate Black Spots on Face

Exposure to sunlight, aging skin and cause blemishes or acne scars dark spots on the face. Various treatments can be done to diminish and even disappear interfere stain it.6 Tricks Eliminate Black Spots on Face

Starting from the natural way, make-up tricks to black mole removal techniques you can try. Here are some recommendations on how to remove the black spots on the face.

1. Natural Ingredients

A variety of natural ingredients contains brighteners, such as lemon, papaya and milk. Lemons contain vitamin C, which can diminish the dark spots on the face. While the papaya contains papain enzyme that is believed to remove dead skin cells and remove the black spots.

Lemon and papaya can be used as juice, which is then daubed it the face as a mask. Both of these materials can be mashed together.

Other materials to diminish the black stain are milk. The content of milk can fight spots and brighten skin. Bathe or wash your face with milk reportedly can reduce dark spots and improve skin tone.

2. Lightening Creams

Another way to drive away the black spots is to use a cream that contains skin lightening ingredients. But make sure before buying a lightening creams is to consult a dermatologist, so adapted to the condition of your skin. There are several active ingredients to reduce melanin that causes spots. Materials are relatively safe and widely used in the market is hydroquinone, normally, skin lightening products containing hydroquinone 2% -4%.

Bleach is widely used drugs such as steroids and retinoic acid, derived from vitamin A, as an active ingredient. And some skin lightening using natural ingredients such as kojic acid (a compound derived from mushrooms) and arbutin (compounds found in many plants).

However, aside from these materials, there are some products that are vulnerable, such as material called mercury. The active ingredient can cause serious problems to the skin, it can even lead to cancer.

3. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical engineering khusyu use tool that you rub into your face. Face like ‘sand’ using tip (applicators) is coated with diamond grains. The function of microdermabrasion can remove black spots, remove dead skin cells, and remove blackheads and increases collagen. As a result, the skin becomes white, shiny and smooth.

4. Scrub & Mask

Cares at home you can do to diminish dark spots are diligently men scrub and face masks. Take two of these treatments twice a week for best results. Choose scrubs and masks to lighten the skin.

5. Wear Sun Block

Sun block is not able to remove the black spots, but its function in order to avoid widespread spots. Sun block cream works effectively to protect the skin from sun exposure, which leads to black spot, Choose Lah sun block with a minimum SPF 15.

6. Make-up Tricks

Another way to hide the black spots is the make-up tricks. Foundation and concealer are two mainstay products make-up to cover the black spots. Use foundation all over the face. Face was stained with your finger or a special brush. The face was so much smoother without stain.

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