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6 Origin Of Japanese Cosmetic Products In The World Famous

Japan is famous for good quality cosmetic products. Some Japanese beauty brand known even managed to bring their products in foreign countries.

Here are six products from the country sakura for you to try.

1. Shiseido

Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetics company in the world, established by Arinobu Fukuhara 1872. Shiseido is the first product to create skin care products such as lotion and toner. Now the products which have entered into American and European markets have a product that not only care, but also created make-up products such as powder, foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and others.

2. SK II

SK-II is a high-end beauty brand in Japan. Brand that has stood since 1980 was considered the most expensive cosmetic products in the country Sakura. Anti-aging cream from SK II into your favorite products. Using natural materials called Pitera. The content is derived from yeast fermentation process. Implies that the rich nutrients can affect the skin more youthful and smooth.

3. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura was the founder of cosmetics as well as make-up artist from Japan. The best products from the brand that has been around since 1928 it is the foundation, powder, eyelash curler, false eyelashes and cleansing oil.

4. Kanebo

Kanebo was established more than 75 years and is now a cosmetic product has to exist in 50 countries. Well-known products are moisturizer, anti-aging creams and make-up.

5. Kose

Other known global brands are Kose. One of the best-selling products from Kose is ‘Sekkisei Lotion’, which is a facial lightening product

6. Cle de skin Beauty

Cle de skin is a line from Shiseido. Brands that use the brand ambassador actress Amanda Seyfried had been present in Indonesia in late 2010 and exactly in the Plaza Indonesia. Cle de skin products include concealer and anti-aging products.

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