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5 Ways to Maintain Supermodel Sexy Body Clothes

The supermodel sexy body clothes waddle when the catwalk is often the envy and admiration cause. Proportional to the supermodel’s body is not easily obtained much time they spend in fitness centers.

But not a few who just do a simple activity and it can be replicated among the public. Supermodel the fifth world share tips for getting and keeping their sexy bodies Clothes which quoted from Our vanity.


Former supermodel gorgeous 46-year-old was admitted only to a simple diet, adequate exercise and proper eating patterns. Do not eat pasta, sugar; rice and flour are the secrets to staying slim Cindy. she said that this is the easiest thing than other diet programs.

2. Elle Macpherson

In contrast to Cindy that diet, which is also a former model Elle focus more on exercise to keep their bodies slim and sexy? Models are so fond of physical activity is always found time to exercise at least one hour a day.

3. Gisele Bundchen

Women who worked as a model and now mother of a son were admitted to doing yoga three times a week so that her body stays in shape. Even in pregnancy, highest paid models by Forbes Magazine are still doing a martial art Kung Fu. she admitted, Kung Fu and yoga make up only weight 15 pounds during pregnancy.

4. Heidi Klum

Secret of sexy body of a supermodel who is also the mother of four children were sleeping early. Heidi believes exercise alone is not enough to stay in shape. Heidi almost every evening from 20.30 to rest and the trick is what makes it always look pretty and fresh

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda looks more beautiful after childbirth has her own secret. Yoga is the key to the beauty of her body. According to diligent Yoga does not only affect the physical appearance but also how to meditate and reflect on things that is important.

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