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5 Unique Hair Accessories From Parade New York Fashion Week

Various fashion trends coming out of New York Fashion Week spring / summer 2013. Not only showed a fashion collection that can be used as a new reference any hair accessory trends come from fashion week.

These are the strange and unique hair accessories from New York Fashion Week.

1. Plaster Black Unique Hair AccessoriesPlaster Black Unique Hair Accessories

The model featured in Alexander Wang fashion show uses unique accessory which put a black plaster on parting. Hair accessories can glow in the dark.

2. Bandana Resleting Unique Hair AccessoriesBandana Resleting Unique Hair Accessories

Designer Erin Fetherston fashion model in her show decorate with ornaments in the form of hair bandana with zipper detail.

3. Turban Stack Unique Hair AccessoriesTurban Stack Unique Hair Accessories

Turban hair accessory is becoming a trend. Marc Jacobs makes turbans latest trends using two different-colored turbans.Marc Jacobs’s turban-style stack quite strange.

4. Hair Ornaments The Dark Knight RisesHair Ornaments ala The Dark Knight Rises

Hair ornament is reminiscent of that used by the accessory head character Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

5. Hats Anyam Multifunction Unique Hair AccessoriesHats Anyam Multifunction Unique Hair Accessories

Woven hat is very unique. In addition to its rise this cap also multifunctional can be used as a display or a place to put stuff.

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