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5 Things You Need Before Using Eye Cream

With age the peel strength decreased. Various skin problems began to clear, especially around the eye is first experiencing wrinkles. It is not enough to use a facial moisturizer eye need a moisturizer that does have a special formula.5 Things You Need  Before Using Eye Cream

As had been widely sold in the market special eye moisturizer products, or so-called eye cream or eye cream, But before you try to use it, there are a few things to know first. This eye cream sundries, summarized from Renee Rouleau beauty blog.

1. Avoid Mineral Oil

Avoid eye creams that contain mineral oil or mineral oil. The material is heavy enough to eliminate the smooth skin around the eyes and over time weaken the elasticity of the skin fibers that cause premature aging. In fact, mineral oil can cause puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning.

2. Do Satisfies Too Close

Eye cream should be used only in the orbital bone around the eye, which is the bone just above the cheekbones. Avoid daub eye cream too close to the lash line. It’s dangerous, because every time you blink, your eyelashes will lift cream granules, which may eventually be deposited into your eyes. Foreign material into the eyes can cause irritation.

3. Use the Start Eye Cream 20s

If you think eye cream may be used for age 30 years and over, you’re wrong. Since the age of 20 should have started treating eye skin. This was to prevent aging in the eye area, because the first part of the skin of the eyes in the face of rapid look wrinkled.

4. Avoid that Contain Fragrance

Avoid eye creams that contain synthetic fragrance ingredient. Artificial fragrance or perfume ingredients can irritate the eyes. For that before choosing an eye cream and read the ingredient on the label contain ‘fragrance’, ‘perfume’ or ‘perfume’ should not be purchased.

5. Satisfies With Ring Finger

Eye area is very delicate and if satisfies many times with enough pressure to trigger wrinkles date. So when satisfies use the ring finger because that finger is softer and weaker, so it will be protected from the pressure of a strong and aggressive.

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