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5 Celebrity Hair Color Highlights for Party Hairstyles

Celebrity hair color not many people dare dyed her hair with bright colors, but these five celebrity-confidences to change her hair color candy.

Best 5 Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

1. Katy Perry Hair Colors Style

Katy Perry frequently changing hair styles, ranging from black, brown, blue, blonde to purple, Although less suitable for a formal appearance, palantun ‘Fireworks’ can work around this in order to keep a neat appearance. On one occasion, Katy blue hair styled bun.

2. Rihanna Hair Colors Style

Singer ‘We Found Love’ singer is one who quickly gets bored with the arrangement and color of her hair. Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend had dyed her hair red, brown and blonde.

3. Lady Gaga Hair Colors Style

This eccentric singer was never out of ideas about the appearance of hair. Colorful Gaga seems to have tried. Appearance she called again shown when she had a concert in Tokyo, Japan. Singer of ‘Alejandro’ arrived in Tokyo with her hair colored like a rainbow.

4. Kelly Osbourne Hair Colors Style

After coloring gray hair such as gray hair, hair Kelly Osbourne is now a little more colorful, but still in the shade of pale tone. Purplish gray or lavender was chosen fashion commentator.

5. Dakota Fanning Hair Colors Style

Star of ‘Twilight’ that uses hair trends that are popular today. Ombre hair was chosen by 18 year-old girl. Ombre is a haircut that made the color gradation. Dakota dyed her hair blonde on top and reddish shades on the ends of her hair.

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