4 Ways to Hide Damaged Hair


Very disturbing appearance of damaged hair. Signs of unhealthy hair is cracked, branched, dry, stiff and brittle at the ends.

The best way to end relieve damaged hair is to cut and treated with a cream bath and hair spa. But sometimes, we did not get to come to the salon for a haircut. For a while, there is a great way to hide damaged hair.

1.Break Off

Mencepol hair can hide from hair look unhealthy. For a more formal you can add a corsage as a garnish.

2. Braid

Braiding the hair can also camouflage a damaged hair. In addition, look even more stylish.

3. Hair coloring

In addition to break off my hair and braids, you can try to color your hair. Changes in hair color can make the display more different, but it damages the hair less visible. But choose the best hair dye that contains lots of vitamins, the hair is getting damaged.

4. Blow Hair, But ..

It’s okay to blow your hair to make it look more beautiful appearance, but do not linger with the heater. Make sure your hair dry naturally, new hairs in order with the blower. In addition, investing in a good comb. Avoid buying a comb made ??of nylon, because it can cause brittle hair.

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