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4 Tips Tidy and Organize Your Makeup

Women in buying beauty products surely cost significantly. Do not get as messy dresser makes you forget about cosmetic products ever purchased.4 Tips Tidy and Organize Your Makeup

In order for cosmetics and personal care products well organized and easy to reach you should start to set. As reported by the Real Beauty this way of tidying and organizing your beauty products.

1. Clean The Entire Make-up Of The Table Makeup

Prior to straighten and organize your beauty products prepare a place to put all the make-up on the dresser and make-up bag. Clean the dust on the dresser. For make-up bag you can clean with a damp cloth, then dry in the sun. Then inhale aroma of the whole make-up if there is a product that turns into sangit scent or odor, throw away.

2. Separating Cosmetics

Separate make-up is often worn with a rarely used. Make sure the product is often used is easily accessible by putting it in a small container. Then the makeup that is not used every day by category (lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc.) and store in a sealed container or rack.

3. Make-up Brushes

To freshen up make-up brushes, pretty glass ready to put the fur on top position. But if you are afraid dusty brush or changed shape keep it in a special place or put it in a drawer for a more hygienic.

4. Provide Cabinet

Separate day and night cream in a cabinet or a different container. Do not mix the entire cream, especially if you use a lot of facial and body care products. Separate the products you use in the morning and evening. This makes it easier to pick it up and not be lazy again using various creams that have been purchased. Neither the hair products should not be mixed in the same compartment as facial creams and body lotions. Prepare your own place or cabinet alone to save your hair products.

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