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4 Makeup Trends Cats Eyes Catwoman

After the ‘boom’ film The Dark Knight Rises, the figure of a sexy Catwoman again raised the trend of ‘cat eye look’ or cat eye makeup. Want to try this trend Catwoman-style eyes? See the following tips are taken from Our Vanity.

1. Retro Cat-Eye Makeup

Retro Cat-Eye is inspired makeup Catwoman is modified, and of course easy to apply. To receive this eye view, you can take inspiration from burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. Simply use black eyeliner and eyeshadow to try this look white. Use white eyeshadow and black eyeliner eye on petals to frame your eyes, also add a little mascara on the upper lashes to maximize the look of your eyes.

2. Cat Eye with Touch of Color

Bored with the look of makeup ‘Cat Eye’ is a classic black? Try to modification by adding a little color on your eyes. Apply color as usual eyeshadow and blend with other colors using a brush, last frame of the eye line with liquid eyeliner in black. Color choices can vary greatly depending on your wishes.

3. Cat Eye Shadow

Cat eye shadow makeup look that is quite easy to replicate. Use dark eyeshadow such as black or gray and blend until it comes out of the eyelid, also add black eyeliner as usual to further highlight your eyes. The result, you will have the effect of eye makeup ‘smokey eyes’ that seem mysterious and sexy for your evening events.

4. Classic Cat eye

Of course makeup ‘Cat Eye’ classic remains a favorite. Enough with the liquid eyelliner, you can create this look. Liquid eyeliner brush from the inside out and pull the line up at the ends gently. Make-up Artist advised to make these points to be a perfect eye line. Staying then blend it with the eyeliner to point them in to one neat line. Do not forget to make eye line is parallel to the edge of your eyebrows.