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2013 Hair Fashion Trends With Hair Color Shades

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung were the first to start the trend of shaded hair. Latest fashion shows in Autumn / Winter, the models also surfed on bicolour shades with neon amazing. The bloggers they prefer the smoother transitions in shades of chocolate and coffee. We present you their most beautiful colors shaded.2013 Hair Fashion Trends With Hair Color Shades

The shaded hair or scanning “tie and dye” is a little light version of the very steep “dip-dye” instead of an abrupt color transition between the lengths and ends, shades merge naturally. Transition occurs from dark to light in the mid-lengths. The hair is brown or dark blond roots to ear height and lighten as they approach the tips.

Scanning “tie and dye” is ideal for waking up your look without changing hair color completely. The shadow effect can modernize a square a little too wise and even give chic and structure to curly hair or slightly wavy.
Shaded hair: who should she?

This look is suitable for all women because it is very natural and suitable for all hair colors. Its great advantage: no need to spend her life haircut color retouching every three or four months is more than enough!

As the shaded area mimics the hair regrowth on colored hair, your roots go unnoticed apparent. If you keep your natural color only the lengths must be dyed.

Prolong the summer! Shaded hair seems to have been slightly bleached by the sun as if you return for several weeks at the beach.
Hairstyles adapted to scan “tie and dye”

With half a tail, a bun or a ponytail, let escape a few wisps to enhance your color shaded.

The bloggers rely on the play of shadow and light to decline all the nuances of this look:

Shaded Hair: Proetta Anouska Brandon2013 Hair Fashion Trends With Hair Color Shades

Anouska presents its looks personal blog anouskaproettabrandon.com.
With roots natural chocolate brown and blond caramel colored lengths shading hair style is perfectly suited to this multi-faceted Irish.

Ripples “beach effect” on the lengths are particularly well worth the shaded color (left). And high ponytail suddenly draws all eyes (right).

Shaded Hair: Emma Chapman2013 Hair Fashion Trends With Hair Color Shades

Emma and Elsie are two creative forces of the blog
“A Beautiful Mess”
They speak to cooking fashion and photography but also posting regular tutorials hairstyle. The shaded hair Emma demonstrates the versatility of this look. The two-tone effect is very flattering to her hairstyles.

Shaded Hair: Luanna Perez-Garreaud2013 Hair Fashion Trends With Hair Color Shades

(“The Happy”) dares craziest colors with her hair shaded. Red to chin length they evolve gradually towards the blond towards the tips. Despite this flashy red the look is quite natural because Lua chose shades perfectly adapted to its porcelain complexion.

Image: A look through the shaded Luanna expresses her passion for flashy colors.

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