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10 Best Dressed Women in the World

The latest issue of People magazine released an annual list of best-dressed woman. This year 10 women who made it into the prestigious list?

1. Gwyneth Paltrow DressesGwyneth Paltrow dresses

The actress who is also good at singing, according to the editors at People always has the ability to look fabulous on the red carpet. What often display an unexpected but still interesting? Of course her slim it makes it easier to mix and match clothing ranging from dresses that show off the back of the work of Stella McCartney or cut very mini dress from Prada.

2. Kate Middleton DressesKate Middleton Dresses

She was touted as the perfect elegant style ‘thanks to their consistency semi formal wear like a fitted shift dress to knee skirt and blazer.

3. Emma Stone DressesEmma Stone Dresses

Emma was nominated presenter E!Giuliana Rancic in the list of 10 best-dressed women. Especially for Emma, by Giuliana, the actress ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is the best dressed woman on the red carpet. All styles her dress while promoting Spider-Man’s extraordinary.

4.Kardashians DressesKardashians Dresses

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian in the list of best-dressed women preferred People. All three are considered to have the best dress style became a trend.

5. Miranda Kerr DressesMiranda Kerr Dresses

Miranda thought knew how to take a lesson from her job as a model that demonstrates the fashion designer and then apply for a performance in daily life. Orlando Bloom’s wife was referred to as the ‘master’ for the integration of all the things that are trends (ranging from fun patterns, bright colors, and transparent materials).

6. Reese Witherspoon DressesReese Witherspoon Dresses

Reese was pregnant called People magazine was able to define how you should look again at the middle of the belly expand. Despite being the two entities Reese always looks perfect. Stars film ‘Walk the Line’ was not afraid to appear with high heels on while pregnant.

7. Rihanna Dresses Rihanna Dresses

For matters of everyday fashion style Rihanna is often own way.But when she appeared on the red carpet the singer of ‘We Found Love’ that had a style that seems difficult to duplicate. She dared to try a new trend wearing Emilio piayama Puci to work the red carpet. Or on another occasion Riri, so familiar greeting wearing a dress that shows some of its parts.

8. Jessica Alba DressesJessica Alba Dresses

Jessica in the list of best-dressed woman with jeans thanks to her appearance. Movie stars ‘Fantastic Four’ was never performed poorly when wearing jeans. She knew exactly how to combine all the models and colors of jeans with other clothes.

9. Diane Kruger DressesDiane Kruger Dresses

Just like Emma Stone, Diane appearance on the red carpet did not disappoint. She was able to perform with renowned design clothes like Chanel, Marchesa and Prada as comfortable as wearing jeans. Two of her best performances are when wearing overalls with a cape by Jason Wu at an event in Miami and a gold-colored gown designed Vivienne Westwod while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

10. Jennifer Lawrence DressesJennifer Lawrence Dresses

Jennifer considered a celebrity under the age of 25 years who has the best style. Star Movies ‘Hunger Games’ it did not let himself be influenced on the clothing she was wearing.

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